Vision & Mission

Our Vision

At the VORA NETWORK platform, we believe the next strategy to challenge the workforce and corporate level will be the peer to peer collaboration. There is a huge issue with the employment market specially in the area of trusting people. Is the employee reliable and competent enough? Are employers financially capable? Does the employee have past credible experience? Companies may need to modify their work environment to suit highly qualified workers that can work remotely to increase the company's productivity. This means companies will use tools and techniques to manage the decentralized workforce. Furthermore, freelancers will enjoy training, collaborative tools, networks thereby improving productivity and collaboration amongst the decentralized team. VORA NETWORK platform believes that it can shape a better future with the aid of blockchain technology thereby ensuring trust, efficiency, and verification of data.

Our Mission

VORA NETWORK aims to redefine the employment sector with the integration of blockchain technology thereby ensuring verification and transparency in data for both :

  • Companies

  • Freelancers

VORA NETWORK offers the future of the freelancing sector. It can also be regarded as the decentralized uber for the workforce. It will help a group of professionals across the globe to access jobs and coaching. It will enhance their reputation and protecting their work with the aid of invoicing and copyright tools.We have revisited tie freelancing economy and streamlined it to a simple equation. The equation is based on escrow and smart contracts to guarantee reviews from customers and payment of funds. We have also created a VORA token that is based on the BSC protocol. Professionals and hiring managers can use this on the platform for daily businesses.We aim to also decentralize the entire outsourcing industry with home-based work. We have connections in the insurance, automotive, and real estate industry and they will help to ensure the full functionality of the VORA NETWORK platform. VORA NETWORK platform is a positive evolution that is based on outsourcing the performance-based marketing and sales forces.

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