Problems Affecting Freelancers

Data Ownership

User data such as certificates, ratings, and reputations will be stored on the BSC blockchain. Users will continue to own their profile data.


Our BSC protocol will provide a proof of work algorithm for freelancers by putting every creation in our token and giving the rights to every client. It will also feature an automatic escrow payment. This will give clients an exclusive right to a particular delivery.

Transaction fees

We will use smart contracts as escrow for payment in VORA tokens. The use of blockchain smart contracts will stop reliance on banks and other intermediaries for international transfer. It will help reduce the transaction fee and platform costs for freelancers.

Trust of payment

We will have a wallet that will be registered as a reference address. This address will be linked to a particular gig. Freelancers will also have the ability to verify the employer's reliability.


Every profile will be verified and identified with the aid of blockchain and there will be no problem arising from fraud or theft.

Payment process & timing

Every contract attached to any work will be signed digitally with the aid of a blockchain smart contract. Both parties will know the payment timing based on the contract that cannot be altered.

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