Problems Affecting Employers

Hiring cost

The ability to attract talents across the globe and manage the whole administrative requirements can reduce costs associated with HR. There will be no need to pass through third parties for hire.

Transaction fees

Smart contracts will be used to escrow VORA tokens as payment. It will be released at the same time as the token. The solution will reduce the high cost of international payment and the speed, especially with microtasks. It will eliminate the barrier of working with international freelancers in the micro-gig sector. The incorporation of blockchain and smart contracts will reduce the fee associated with the platform.

ID verification

Imagine a scenario where you want to hire someone based in India, China, or Africa when you are based in Europe. It can be a very difficult task and the VORA network will make it easy with ID verification and verification of record of accomplishment.

Trust of delivery

There is a very high problem attached to company recruitment because people in the freelancing sector often work with different employers or companies across the globe. It is very difficult and expensive to contact every company that they have worked within the past. The VORA NETWORK platform DAPPs will help freelancers to display proof of their records and reviews from previous employers. The entire process will be stored on the blockchain.

Workforce Management

Teams will be very decentralized and people will be seen as corporate entities. Companies will have to adapt to the new changes of working together, VORA NETWORK platform will provide tools to integrate and onboard these decentralized workforces with the aid of Al.

Quality of delivery

Smart contract technology will be integrated into the VORA NETWORK platform and it will ensure much-automated payment after completion of work with quality or after a certain milestone is reached or after freelancers have worked certain hours. The entire system will be based on the task completed and delivered according to the required standard. Organizations will ask the freelancers to show proof that the task will not be deleted with the aid of an escrow.

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