Market problems & Solutions

One major problem of using international freelancer platforms is the high amount that is charged as commission. Furthermore, users will pay another commission when obtaining their funds from the bank. However, with the integration of crypto, users only need to pay the network fee. This fee is considerably lower on the BSC network as compared to other networks. They are also faster. Other problems that can affect centralized freelance platforms are banning of the user account for no reason or problem of verification. VORA NETWORK freelance platform offers a decentralized approach that solves such problems. The employment sector is plagued with various types of inefficiencies and the complexities that arose from the integration of intermediaries to function properly The market problems can be grouped into three areas and they are the Corporate Employee, the Entrepreneurs, and the Self Employee.

Problems affecting Freelancers

The VORA NETWORK platform will focus majorly on the freelance sector. The freelance sector is very wide and it attracts various workforce that works remotely. It also uses its own IT materials and tools that are very mobile. This section of the employment sector is plagued with various issues. Some of the issues are quality in delivery, payment solutions trust, identity experience, and high transaction fees.

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