Vora Network Ecosystem

As compared to other platforms. VORA NETWORK is completely decentralized and there is no problem relating to the loss of data or alterations in user data. VORA NETWORK platform will never request any commission from you and our technology protects all your funds and hard work.


A customer is someone that requires a particular service or product and needs it to be completed by another person. These individuals can advertise their jobs in form of postings on the VORA NETWORK platform as they expect offers from various freelancers.


A freelancer is a member of the ecosystem who wishes to make extra money based on their technical abilities regardless of their location. These freelancers can apply for jobs that are posted by customers and customers can select the best freelancers for their job.


The approver is a very important member of the VORA NETWORK ecosystem. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the delivery in a particular platform, you need to complain or appeal to someone on other freelance platforms. VORA NETWORK is quite different because you can fill out a rejection statement and send the order to the approvers. The approvers will have the final say regarding the project.

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