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Firstly, you must sign up based on the type of wallet you need. Do you want to be an approver, a customer, or a freelancer?

Registering as a freelancer

First, you need to fill out your profile and make the entire workflow easier. After this step, you can view active jobs on the VORA NETWORK platform and bid for the job that matches your profile. Since the VORA NETWORK is based on BSC platform, you must provide your offer in VORA token type and state the deadline for the project. If you are unable to deliver a job on the stated deadline, it will be canceled. After bidding, you must wait for your offer to be accepted and after your offer is accepted, you can commence the work process. After completing the task, you can upload the job or provide a link to the job. After finishing the project, the next step is in the customer's hand.

Registering as a Customer

As a customer, you must post a job from your profile on the VORA NETWORK platform for the job you want to complete. You need to enter the job title, category, details, and budget. It becomes easier to find the right freelancer when you provide adequate details. After freelancers have sent an offer for the job you created, you can view it from your panel and approve or disallow the job posting. The work process will commence after you have approved a job posting. After the freelancer completes the task, it is your job to state if you are happy or unsatisfied with the job. If you are satisfied, the money will be transferred with the aid of the smart contracts after you have approved the job. If you reject the job by stating a reason for the rejection, the result will be forwarded to the approver. We will not use any form of communication or database process to avoid a centralized system format or to expose the security of the system.

Registering as an approver

Firstly, you need to have a certain amount of VORA tokens before you can register as an approver. The value may increase or reduce based on the value of the VORA token and the reason is to be sure of the accuracy and the credibility of the user that is involved in the approver process. Secondly, the approver will be chosen based on the activity of the user on the platform. When a customer rejects a job, VORA NETWORK will notify the approvers in a randomized manner and there will be a voting system regarding the solution to the issue. As a VORA NETWORK approver, your main task is to check out rejected or disliked jobs and audit them. The approver can also access the job details and link to the file that was uploaded. If a high number of approvers vote that the job does not exist, the job will be canceled and the funds will be returned from the smart contract to the customer's wallet. If a high number of approvers votes that the job is successful and do not agree with the customer, the money is transferred to the freelancer's wallet and the job is completed successfully. Approvers will also earn VORA tokens based on the number of approved jobs.

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