Benefits to SME's and Freelancers

VORA NETWORK is a platform that will serve as the backbone for freelancers and SMEs to efficiently manage their crypto funds. With the aid of a Debit card-based wallet app, SME's and freelancers can boost sales and efficiency through a smooth transaction process. VORA NETWORK helps to eliminate the problem of increased interest rates and promotes cooperation between clients and business providers on freelance platforms. VORA NETWORK uses cryptocurrency to facilitate SMEs, freelancers, and their operations especially considering the high rate of digital assets possession. VORA NETWORK platform will enhance the electronic method of buying and selling items in the end thereby facilitating good connection among customers and freelancers. The main goal of the VORA NETWORK platform is to achieve consistency in service offering thereby improving the freelance experience among clients. The VORA NETWORK platform will offer rigid security and maintain an excellent experience amongst participants.

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